Welcome To Bradley's Top Bar

The original home of the workers, a concept developed during the early 2000s, to ensure the local populace of workers had been fed and watered.

The workers have played a key role in the holiday makers discovery and adventures with magaluf and throughout Majorca.

Fast Forward a few years to the summer of 2017 and Mr Crusoe decided to give the local lovable rogue scouser his shot at making the workers feel even more at home.

Towards the middle of summer 2018 Bradley´s Bar had become loved by locals, tourists and workers alike.

The workers started to promote the bar exactly for what it had become. A chilled out sports bar, mixed with plenty of love, laughter and of course banter!

The next few years are going to add happy, drunken memories to what will become the history and legacy of Brad´s Bar.

A warm welcome, a friendly smile and of course an ice cold beer awaits for your arrival.